Solidarity Through Intimacy

Podcast by Deepika Arwind

The podcast follows the narrator, a woman, a playwright and theatre maker from Bangalore, India as she spends a year creating work in Germany, Switzerland and the UK. It looks at ways in which movement across geographies inform the act of making theatre, and how looking at familiar contexts through another’s eyes can reveal new insights on art and living. 

Deepika Arwind is a playwright, theatremaker and performer based in Bangalore, India. Her work has centered the female body on stage and off of it, and she continues to expand her practice in pursuit for form that is both inventive and autonomous, working closely with sound and movement.
She has won and been nominated for several awards for her work. Currently, she is a playwright-in-residence at Jagriti Theatre. Her play Phantasmagoria (represented by Drei Masken Verlag) will be at the Kali Theatre as part of the International Festival of Plays in March 2023. She is also part of the newly conceived performance The International Conference of Insecurity (Gesnerallee, Zurich, Nov-Dec 2022), with a collective of performers from 8 countries. She will be a playwright-in-residence for the season of Welt / Buehne in 2023 at the Residenztheater (Munich). She will also be a fellow at Akademie Schloss Solitude in 2023.

Follow the narrator an artist – a woman, a playwright and theatre-maker in Bangalore, India – – in a time when many freedoms are under threat in this part of the world. What does it mean to be an artist in this moment, coming ‘out’ of a raging pandemic, which certainly broke the back of the independently funded performing arts? What does the woman artist – with a practice converging at writing and physicality – making and writing work that often looks at the female body as a site of protest, potential and possibility feel in such a time? How does she negotiate the world in her art and travel? What specificities does she carry with her when she makes work in different contexts – such as the UAE or Germany or Switzerland or the UK? How is she viewed? What is the gaze she has upon her and how does it turn shape her creations? The artist is in this case me, a 36-year old woman, who has grown up in a kaleidoscope of cultures (Sikh growing up in South India whose lineages range from traditional Indian dance to hip-hop to American soaps); whose work and struggles and negotiations speak to larger conversations in the world right now.

Available on: all major podcast platforms
Dates: Always on the 28th of each month
Language: English

Concept + discussion: Deepika Arwind
Production: Lionel Dante Dzaack, Simon Höppner, Amelie Kreutzer
Musik, Artwork: Lionel Dante Dzaack
A podcast of the digital stage of PATHOS theater

Solidarity Through Intimacy – Folge 10

Poems from a place that could cease to be

vom 11.11.23

Solidarity Through Intimacy – Folge 9

In this episode I’m trying something new: I’m reading you a performance text of a piece I’m performing in stuttgart tonight (at the DurchBurch festival) as the podcast goes up. It’s called - this thing is about everything * *but especially make-up and fascism and loneliness.

vom 28.09.23

Solidarity Through Intimacy – Folge 8

I’ve been thinking about different themes as I rewrite a play I’ve been working on intermittently for nearly a year. 

vom 04.09.23

Solidarity Through Intimacy – Folge 7

In this episode, I go back to a lovely essay from „the marginalian“, a newsletter from Maria Popova essayist and author in which she describes certain „life lessons“ she has had over the years of running this acclaimed project. 

vom 28.07.23

Solidarity Through Intimacy – Folge 6

In the sixth episode, I talk about the relationship between artists and institutions, and how the imbalance between these two has always enabled and tacitly approved certain types of behaviors.

vom 28.06.23

Solidarity Through Intimacy – Folge 5

In the fifth episode join me as I talk about writing in general and using Rebecca’s Solnit’s tips on how to be a writer.

vom 28.05.23

Solidarity Through Intimacy – Folge 4

In the fourth episode, I recollect an incident from several years ago, to open up a conversation around the power dynamics in a rehearsal room. 

vom 28.04.23

Solidarity Through Intimacy – Folge 3

In the third episode I look at the ways in which gender and the city are intertwined, especially through lived experience.

vom 28.03.23

Solidarity Through Intimacy – Folge 2

In the second episode of the podcast, I go into some of the questions I’ve been having around race and that big word ‘identity’, as I live and work as a brown woman in Munich.

vom 28.02.23

Solidarity Through Intimacy – Folge 1

In the first episode, we’re going back a couple of years, though let’s be honest, the pandemic has really scrambled our idea of the time that has passed since 2020. 

vom 28.01.23